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Case Study: Monthly Bill & Budget Planner

Subscription Manager & Tracker

iOS Platform

2019 / 2022

The Monthly Bill & Budget Planner app is designed to help individuals manage their finances, keep track of their bills, and stick to a budget. The app provides a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to manage their finances.

The goal of a budget planner app is to help users effectively manage their finances by providing them with a platform to track their income, expenses, bills, and budget, and to assist in making informed financial decisions. The ultimate aim is to enable users to take control of their finances, reduce debt, and achieve their financial goals.



Traditional methods of tracking finances and paying bills, such as a notebook or a spreadsheet, can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Individuals often struggle with keeping track of their bills and expenses, leading to late payments and unnecessary late fees.
Target audience
The primary target audience for the Monthly Bill & Budget Planner App is individuals looking to manage their finances more organized and efficiently. This includes individuals who are struggling to keep track of their spending, those who want to establish a budget, and those who are looking to save money and achieve their financial goals.



Others affected by the problem

In addition to individuals, several other groups are affected by the problem of poor financial management. These groups include:

  1. Young adults who are just starting to manage their finances are in need of a simple tool to help them keep track of their spending and savings.

  2. Families who are trying to manage their finances together and are looking for a way to keep track of their joint expenses and budget.

  3. Small business owners who are trying to keep track of their business finances and are in need of a tool to help them manage their expenses and budget.

  4. Older adults who are on a fixed income and need to make the most of their money in order to meet their financial goals and maintain their standard of living.

By providing a solution to these groups, the App can help improve their financial situation and make it easier for them to reach their financial goal.



The Monthly Bill & Budget Planner app addresses these issues by providing users with the following features:

  • Bill Reminders: The app sends reminders for due dates of bills, reducing the chances of late payments and late fees.​
  • Budget Tracker: The app allows users to set a monthly budget and track their expenses, providing them with a clear understanding of their spending habits and helping save money.
  • Bill Organizer: The app organizes all of a user's bills in one place, providing a clear overview of all their payments and expenses.
  • Financial Planning: The app provides users with insights into their spending habits and helps them plan their finances better, allowing them to save more money and reach their financial goals.



The color scheme for the Monthly Bill & Budget Planner is combination of white and purple, with some yellow details. Purple represents sophistication and stability, while yellow symbolizes optimism and creativity, creating a balanced and energetic design. The app also has a dark mode.


The typography should be legible, clean and modern to effectively convey information. The main headings are styled in a geometric sans-serif typeface, such as Poppins, in Bold and SemiBold style to give the app a strong and confident look. The body text is styled in Medium and Regular, for improved readability and a more approachable feel.

Note: The final design should be aesthetically pleasing and easily accessible, with a clear hierarchy of information.

App Icon

The Icon was designed in the shape of a wallet to immediately convey the app's purpose to users. The wallet shape is a recognizable symbol of personal finance and provides a clear visual cue to users that the app is designed to help them manage their finances.

The final design was chosen based on its ability to clearly convey the app's purpose and to stand out on a user's device.

Usability Testing: Before launching the app, several rounds of usability testing were conducted to ensure that the icon was recognizable and effective in conveying the app's purpose. The icon was tested with a diverse group of individuals, including those with limited technical knowledge. The results of the testing showed that the wallet shape was easily recognizable and effectively conveyed the app's purpose.

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