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Smart Home App

DomusTech - The Future of Home Living

Case Study Project


DomusTech is a smart home app that streamlines the management of your smart devices. The app features three main options - Home Hub, Automation, and Energy - to provide unique functionalities for managing home devices. The Home Hub acts as a dashboard, offering device overview and room selection. Automation allows for control over device automation settings, and Energy offers visual representation of energy consumption and usage. This project is both an exercise and a self-challenge to showcase the latest advancements in smart home technology.



Create a clean, modern and user-friendly aesthetic that embodies the future of home living. The design should have a minimalist feel while still being visually appealing and intuitive. The color scheme should reflect the concept of a smart and energy-efficient home, using soft and warm colors to create a welcoming atmosphere.


The solution Based on research, I surmised the best approach would be the following:

1. Keep the UI clean, simple, and easy to follow. Focus on simplicity.

2. Create less steps.

3. Consistent and intuitive iconography to easily identify home devices and options.

4. The typography should be modern and easy to read, with a focus on clear navigation and accessibility. 

App prioritizes a clean and modern aesthetic, with the typefaces Lufga and Gilory serving as the primary font choices. These typefaces bring a touch of sophistication and elegance to the design. The use of Lufga for headings and Gilory for body text provides clear distinction and hierarchy, making navigation intuitive and seamless. 

Screens + Flows


Navigation menu:

  • Home Hub: Dashboard to view and manage devices in a selected room.

  • Automation: Manage automation settings for devices.

  • Energy: View and manage energy consumption of devices.

Home Hub:

  • Room selection: Select a room to view its devices.

  • Device Overview: View a list of devices in the selected room, with the ability to turn them on/off and control their settings.

  • Add Devices: Option to add new devices to the home.


  • Automation settings: Manage the automation settings for devices.

  • Schedules: Set schedules for devices to turn on/off automatically.

  • Triggers: Set triggers for devices to turn on/off based on conditions such as motion detection or time of day.


  • Energy consumption: View a visual representation of energy consumption.

  • Energy history: View historical energy consumption data.

  • Energy usage: View details of energy consumption for individual devices.

Hamburger menu:

  • Settings: Allows users to manage their account, update preferences, and view software updates.

  • Devices: Manage devices and settings for the home.

  • Safety & Security: Allows users to view and manage security cameras, set up alerts, and control access to their home.


  • Profile picture: Small profile picture in the upper right corner to receive notifications.

  • Notification center. Allows users to view alerts and notifications related to their smart home devices. 

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